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Sanjula releases her new collection of short stories, 'Once Upon A Page'

Once Upon A Page is a collection of 12 short stories based in Kuwait and India.

This is Sanjula Sharma's second anthology. Her debut book of fiction, The Cameo Sheaves, was released at the Delhi Book Fair in 2002. Other books- Poems, To Be Mortal, For Rhyme or Reason and A Fistful of Sky published over the years, contain verse. The Temple is featured online as an audio rendition.

Most of the stories in this new manuscript are based on incidents and truths from real life. The writer has lived mostly in India and spent a few years in Boston and Kuwait.

Kindle Edition available on Amazon: Click here

Book Review by Dr Lakshmi Kannan in literary E- journal, Muse India

August, 2020

On Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Speaking on the legendary Hindi poet, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar at an online event recently - a few insights on his life and work and rendering some of his poems.

Seventh Quarry: Poet of the month (February)

Featured as poet of the month (February) by the Seventh Quarry, a reputed poetry magazine published in Wales by editor, Peter Thabit Jones. I am grateful to Mr Jones, who is a renowned poet and dramatist.

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Felicitation after the Readings at IGNCA, Delhi. 4th Jan 2024

My latest publication, 'Heartstrings - A Tapestry of Prose & Poetry'

This work is an anthology featuring immensely talented poets and authors from India and overseas.

The book aims to touch the soul of readers across age, gender and country with its own unique medley of voices that speak straight from the heart.

It has been a wonderful and rewarding journey editing this collection. The book is available on Amazon (India).

Click here to buy

Woh Malhaar Kahaan

A Hindi poem written and rendered by Sanjula Sharma. The theme revolves around monsoon and its ever-changing facets. It encapsulates the dynamic experience of the rain, coupled with nostalgia.

'The Temple' is a poetic work of 50 quatrains in the Rubaiyat form that encapsulates the poet's spiritual vision. The search for the true temple begins at an altar the poet visits as a child and continues relentlessly as an outward journey, finally culminating within.

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Book discussion event for my poetry book 'The Temple' at India International Centre, Delhi. 9th Feb, 2023

Poetry Reading & Felicitation. Asian Literary Confluence, 12th Nov 2022, Delhi.

This is a poem from my book, 'A Fistful of Sky'. This video has been filmed, produced and edited by Kabir Chutani and the rendition is by Holly Boca. The poem encapsulates my vision of love, the most universal emotion, in its myriad forms.

My review of 'Simple Life' by Mr Jayakumar in The Week, published March 2022

My review of an international anthology of poetry - The Kali Project, published 2021

Many years ago, Paramahansa Yogananda said, “Be as simple as you can be. You will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become.” The book, Simple Life, by K. Jayakumar—acclaimed Malayalam poet, writer and former civil servant—offers simplicity as a path that is accessible in a complex world. It gives compelling reasons why a simple, uncomplicated life is filled with joy.

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'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you'. Celebrated poet Maya Angelou's words rang true as I started reading The Kali Project - an anthology of Indian women's voices from India and overseas. Poets and artists alike pour forth their myriad emotions and thoughts creating an eclectic labyrinth of Verse interspersed with Art. This amalgamation seeps into the reader to build an incredible internal experience. For me, this is the hallmark of a good read.

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Reading my poem - 'Manna from the Skies' at the Timeless Mystical Poetry event, Nov 2021

My new poem: Sept 2021
A new initiative started in February 2021 by my creative platform called Happy Minds.

Delhi, May 2021

In these very difficult and grim times I am reaching out with my poem of hope.

Hoping it provides a glimmer of light.

On Republic Day I remembered my nani, my maternal grandmother, who was a freedom fighter.

This poem encapsulates the memory of her inspiring struggle for independence.

Celebrating World Autism Day

Poetry session at Vasant Vihar Lit Fest, Delhi on 22nd Feb 2020

Reading poetry at the World Book Fair
Pragati Maidan on 11th Feb 2024

Being felicitated by the Asian Literary Society
on Oct 11, 2019 in New Delhi

'Poetic Kaleidoscope: Folklore and Culture of India', an event organised by The Poetry Society (India) on August 3, 2019 in Delhi




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